Fia Orädd - Find a Man
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Original song: Find a Pet, MLP
Instrumental by MandoPony

Rewritten by Fia

Find a Man lyrics:

My sweet little sister, you don’t have to put up a fight
Don’t you worry my dear
Cus somewhere out here
Is a man that will suit you just right

I can’t wait to get started
But first let me set a few rules
It’s of outmost importance the man that I get
is something who’s just like my bro

Eh, well…
There are so many other men over the world you will see

Perhaps someone who’s strong and who’s tall and related to me

N-no, how about Sweden.
He’s strong and he’s tall and as scary as can be.

He’s got a man, are you kidding me.

Oh. Sister have faith, you see I will bet you
Somewhere out there is a man who will get you
O-okay, how about someone even closer?

Closer’s good. Maybe someone that rhymes with Prussia?

N-no but I think this Latvian here has your name written all over him! Yes he does, look he likes you!

Please kill me…!

There are plenty of other men out there for you to decide!
How ‘bout Denmark or France

Take them out on a dance

Denmark and France, not a chance.

Come on now Belarus, you must at least try! You know Russia’s out of the question and I’m really trying to help you!

….Fine. Go on.

Great! There must be a man here
Who you will find tasty
How about Greece, he is never too hasty

Ugh, stronger, and colder!

Stronger, colder, right.
I have got just the thing in my mind, sis
Please greet your new fiancé, Canada!

…There’s nothing there.

Huh? But I swore I had someone here just a second ago! Oh well.

So, like I was saying.
Please Ukraine, this won’t cut it
I need another man I can wed
Someone handsome, someone caring
That doesn’t scream for mum when we meet!

It’s hard when you always give that impression.

What was that?

There are so many candidates waiting to ask for your hand
Maybe Turkey or Spain, if you want something spicy, not bland

I’m listening.

Okay, how about England, he is quite the husband
Austria’s also a choice if you like it like that
There are Netherlands and Germany, both very sturdy
And the US is powerful too but he is still a brat

Ohh powerful? Now that’s what I like in a man. They all seem to have the quality of my dear brother, now I just can’t decide!

I’m so glad you consider my dear sister!

I really like England, and perhaps the US too
Is there something like a powerful brit?

You shouldn’t really go by power, it’s enough if he loves you

What to do, what to do… Oh! Wait! That’s it!
There’s really just one way!
I’ll make my brother think he’s not the best!
He’ll be jealous, you’ll see!
And then he’ll come back to me!
We’ll wed and I will finally rest!

You shouldn’t really do that, have you even been listening?

It’s only brothers lips I want to be kissing

Every other man would be fine

He’ll be mine
There is no other country who can compare
Then a wedding we will see
Cus brother is the greatest, perfectest man in the world for me!

I give up on you

And he will love me too.

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