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So uh
Some of you may have noticed my absolute obsession with Vändett∀ Cosplay
So I went ahead and made a thing!

You go on it, mouse over Additions and add a marker to the map. (so far there’s only me OTL) I want to show them just how many people support them and are inspired by what they do !

This is really sweet, Gosh QwQ

This is super cool, and it’s grown since I last saw it aww yee

Hi Fia! I have a question. Is it possible to make Sound The Bugle available to mobile? I'm stuck with my phone at the moment. uvu

It’s not, sorry.

Safe to say I’m fueled by the screams from the audience seeing THAT Marco scene in Sound the Bugle


party don’t start til i walk in.


party don’t start til i walk in.

Your blog is awesome! Also I'm curious, how tall are you?

I’m around 168 cm! Idk it differs a lot, it was long ago I got a proper measuring.


The Free! Panel in C1 at NärCon:14!

This was not really a VändettA thing, we just starred in it together with our friends and we had so much fun!


Two time award-winning CMV from NärCon:14, for judge’s choice and audience’s choice!

The theme for the CMV competition was “Doors” and we decided to interpret it this way.

Hi! I just wanted to say that I loved your sketch at Närcon. Me and my friends laughed so hard at the joke Armin made about the main trio art and at horse-Jean!!! Will you upload it somewhere because I have to see it again <3

Our own recording was a bit so-so, so we’re waiting for the official NärCon recording! ovo/

Can you fix the CMV so it can play on mobile? O.o

I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find where I can make it available to mobile uughguh gotta consult my gf so we can look together

Today you’ll get the Free! panel and the CMV hohohoo keep your eyes open!

I saw you guys at the cosplay competition on saturday and just started to stare and wanted to come over and say hi but I thought you looked tired and I didn't want to disturb.

I’m so sorry;; We had only eaten a super small breakfast that day and we were ready to pass out herhrehrhr


When you and your friends do something horrible as a team


Please come back tomorrow.
Cooling myself by the fruit as I slowly melt

Cooling myself by the fruit as I slowly melt

Um okej så jag ska på Närcon bara på lördagen(kanske söndag) och då kommer jag säkwrt vara typ as awkward om jag ser er i vändetta så om ni ser en typ awkward cosplayare (Rin) så I apologize in before hand for staring. *bows*

KOM OCH KRAMAS det är helt lugnt ;v; ser vi elaka ut är det verkligen inte meningen uwu