Did you remember to clean up the glass ?? *worried anon*

That was my gf not me pff ;v;

sid is such a cutie~ do you have the background for these charcters somewhere?

Ahh thank you! ;V; And welll Jamie and Katie belongs to luleo (jamie) and ladykalliste (katie) so I can’t speak for them but they’re basically three ‘supers’ on the run and they bond and eventually becomes a team.
Sid is a shapeshifter, with that grey dotted skin being his “true form”. He looks up to Jamie and is a generally careful and kind soul hohohoo

"Transform constantly when it’s dark and we got ourselves a free flashlight" - probably Jamie at some point

"Transform constantly when it’s dark and we got ourselves a free flashlight" - probably Jamie at some point

Jamie (24), Katie (25) and Sid (17)enjoy our trash babies

Jamie (24), Katie (25) and Sid (17)
enjoy our trash babies

Ooohh nooo I just watched through all of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun bUT THE LAST EPISODE ISN’T OUT so all gsn fans when does it air?

What are the names of the songs you used in Attack on Titan High 1 bloopers?

eeerrrhhh the moomin theme annnd.. red room from moulin rouge. and some booty song i cant remember?? pff

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♫ Don’t let the cave in get you down. Don’t let the falling rocks turn your smile into a frown.

♫ Even if you’re lost you can’t lose the love because it’s in your heart. 

♫ Yeah I forget the next couple lines but then it goes


Gods I needed this!!!!




So I just went through all 15 pages of your art tag. I am in love<3 Also, crossovers are the best things ever omg. if I may ask, I would love to see the all the female managers(+1coach) of Kurobas, Free!, and Haikyuu!! hanging out and discussing their problem children~ because that would be hilarious/adorable? :3

Dedication station!! Thanks!


Just let me have him, I want to treat him right

the best swedish insults


  • skitstövel = shit boot
  • träskalle = wood head
  • puttefnask = no direct translation; a physically small prostitute
  • snorvalp = snot puppy


today is the day

See no but what i'm hoping for is Haru to get home like 'guys, i've found my dream, i'm gonna be a POOL MANTUFACTURER'

crACKS UP yes this is a good plan

Is anyone gonna talk about how lucky Rin is to have awesome Australian parents like Russel and Lori? :D

THEY WERE SUCH DOLLS OMG and Rin’s engrish is flawless


i am so pissed off at people making posts completely invalidating the whole fandom’s opinion on haru’s writing bc they were apparently so much more observant and caught all the magical hidden hints during S2 about haru going pro in the end.

i think what y’all aren’t getting is the fact that none of us are annoyed he’s going pro. we pretty much expected it. it’s the fact that nobody gave haru a second choice, nobody gave him guidance, or an alternative to swimming. he said he wasn’t sure and people either pushed him towards it or left him to “figure it out” himself. the only attempt to give haru more options was from nagisa, who told him he’s a great cook and artist and therefore gave him a way out had he not chosen swimming in the end.

initially i was glad that rin took haru with him. change in scenery, meeting new people, having different experiences broadened his horizons, which were horribly limited. it’s the time span and the way the gears apparently shifted in haru’s head that left me (and i suppose other people in the fandom as well) unsatisfied. this episode was flashback after flashback and very rin-pov. 

the idea that the olympic pool was the reason haru decided to swim is dumb, yes. it wasn’t that. it was the fact that rin, as always, brought out haru’s competitive side when everybody else tried to keep it dormant. but it was also that australian swimmer. he seemed happy and relaxed with what he was doing, away from pushy scouts, bright flashing lights and the pressure to live up to everybody’s expectations. 

all in all, yes, haru going pro was predictable and not as shocking. but the way it was delivered was indeed rushed and “choppy”.